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Spanish police raids aim to halt Catalan independence vote
BARCELONA, Spain (AP) — A Spanish judge ordered police to search a printer's shop and two offices of a regional newspaper in Catalonia as part of an investigation into alleged preparations for an illegal referendum on independence for the prosperous northeastern region.
A Barcelona-based court said Saturday that the police searches took place Friday in the towns of Valls and Constanti in southern Catalonia. The court said the searches formed part of an investigation into possible disobedience, prevarication and the embezzlement of public funds by Catalan officials.
The regional Catalan newspaper El Vallenc reported that "4 agents of the Civil Guard entered our newspaper."
El Vallenc said "the search took place hours after they had searched the Indugraf business." Indugraf is a printer in Constanti.
Catalonia's president Carles Puigdemont, the regional politician leading the push for independence, said on Twitter that police weren't "looking for ballots, they were looking for a fight."
加泰罗尼亚总统Carles Puigdemont,领先的独立推动区域的政治家,推特表示,警方并没有“找票,他们想找人打架。”
The court did not say what police were looking for in the searches. Media speculation is that the printer and the newspaper could be connected to plans by the regional government to prepare for the independence referendum.
Spain's constitutional court has suspended laws passed by the Catalan parliament this week to call for an independence referendum on Oct. 1. State prosecutors have also targeted Puigdemont and other members of his government with lawsuits for possible disobedience, abuse of power and embezzlement charges.
The pro-independence coalition ruling Catalonia says the vote will be binding and says if the "yes" side wins it will lead to the independence from Spain by Oct. 3 no matter what the turnout.
Spain's constitutional court has previously ruled that only the national government is allowed to call a referendum on secession and that all Spaniards in the country must have a vote when it comes to sovereignty.
Barcelona (AFP) - Catalonia's president said Sunday his pro-separatist government had "everything ready" for an October 1 independence referendum that has been outlawed by Spain's central government and courts.
He spoke on the eve of Catalonia's national day, when pro-independence protesters will hit the streets of Barcelona in response to Madrid's bid to stop the referendum from going ahead.
"The (regional) government now has everything ready so that on Sunday October 1, Catalans can vote, as they have always done, in total normalcy, (so that) those that want to vote 'yes' and those that will vote 'no' can do so," Catalonia's President Carles Puigdemont said during a speech broadcast on Catalan television.
“(地区)政府现在已一切准备就绪,10月1日星期日,加泰罗尼亚人可以投票,因为他们一直在做的事,完全正常,(因此)那些想投票'是',以及那些会投票“不”可以这么做,”加泰罗尼亚总统Carles Puigdemont在加泰罗尼亚电视广播演讲时说。
To stage the vote the Catalan government has had to print ballot papers, draw up electoral lists, establish where polling stations will be and set up an electoral authority, doing so in complete discretion to skirt the central government's opposition.
Spain's Constitutional Court has suspended a referendum law that was fast-tracked through Catalonia's regional parliament on Wednesday.
State prosecutors have also targeted Puigdemont and other members of his government with lawsuits for possible disobedience, abuse of power and embezzlement charges and urged public workers and firms not to participate in the referendum.
"It is a legal referendum, according to the laws which were approved by the Catalan parliament", Puigdemont said defiantly.
"Only the parliament of Catalonia can disqualify the government that I preside. There is no other judicial or political body that can do so."
- 'Ballot boxes unite' -
If the "Yes" side wins the referendum, Catalonia's regional government has vowed to declare independence within 48 hours.
The referendum call has ramped up tensions between Catalonia and Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy's conservative government in Madrid, which has vowed to do everything necessary to block the vote.
He argues that the Spanish constitution does not allow regions to unilaterally decide on sovereignty -- a position backed by the Constitutional Court.
Catalonia, a region of 7.5 million residents in northeastern Spain that is roughly the same size as Belgium, is an economic powerhouse, proud of its culture and language.
But Catalan society is deeply divided over independence.
In a survey by the Catalan Centre of Opinion Studies in July, 41.1 percent backed independence while 49.9 percent rejected it. Some 70 percent wanted a referendum, however, to settle the question once and for all.
Puigdemont rejected the argument that his government's separatist push was splitting Catalan society.
"Ballot boxes unite, they do not divide," Puigdemont said. "What divides, what degrades democracy, is not letting people vote."

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